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Since 1982

John Wilson Associates, based in San Antonio, Texas, is one of the most experienced engineering firms in the United States in the application of light gauge framing construction of larger buildings, specifically, in the use of self-storage, and also Hotel and Motel construction.

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  •The Engineer of Hi-Tech Tilt™ insulated concrete panels. Hi-Tech Tilt™ is a tilt-up wall construction system superior to any other because it provides enormous savings and advantages over conventional tilt-up panels. Hi-Tech Tilt™ is the technology breakthrough of a 16-gauge structural metal stud combined with W.M.F. steel reinforcement embedded in a standard 2" concrete slab used in both floors, and walls (with load bearing capabilities).

• Basic Project Concepts and Design

• Comprehensive Site Planning

• Building Architecture and Construction Documents

• Space Planning and Unit Mix Assignment

• Structural Engineering

• Mechanical Engineering

• Electrical Engineering

Registered in 26 States

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• Phone: 210.490.1367 between 8 am and 5 pm (CST)

• Leave voice message after hours

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• 825 West Bitters Rd, Suite 104, San Antonio, Texas 78216

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