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John L. Wilson, P.E.



John L. Wilson, P. E. graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 1971. He was originally employed by the H. B. Zachry construction company as a project engineer in their industrial construction division, power plant group. He was responsible for the engineering of power plants in design build plant construction. He was in charge of not only supervising the design consultants, but also the contracts for materials and subsystems of the plant. He was also in charge of testing, such as X-ray weld testing. As his final duty on each project, he was in charge of preparing each system in the plant for completion, testing, and startup. This experience allowed him to learn the application of several disciplines, from mechanical to structural, to electrical, to controls, to site utilities.

After working five years in this capacity, Mr. Wilson, was recruited by another industrial contractor in Corpus Christi to perform similar tasks in petrochemical construction. In addition, there was also some work in the design and fabrication of offshore production well systems for Citgo Oil.

After working in the petrochemical industry, Mr. Wilson was recruited to become Chief Engineer for Newell Manufacturing and Construction.



Newell was the pioneer in large material recycling equipment manufacture and construction. Specifically, the equipment made and installed by Newell was to shred sheet metal scrap, such as automobiles, appliances, and electronics, and separate the various materials for recycling. While working for Newell, we designed and installed equipment across the USA, and also overseas in Sweden, Germany, England, New Zealand, and South America.

While working on these projects, Mr. Wilson was invited to join a small consulting group that was doing similar work to Newell's in a project management capacity.

Because this industry specific was very uneven, going up and down with the price of scrap iron, Mr. Wilson gradually broadened his work scope to include many types of design and construction management, and so was born the Wilson Associates company as it is today.

We have also become one of the most experienced Engineering firms in the USA in the application of light gage framing construction of larger buildings, specifically, in the use of self storage, and also Hotel and Motel construction.


This is the present path we are on, but we are also looking to use our resources to find new challenges and profit opportunities.

Wilson Associates has been providing Multi Disciplinary Engineering and Architecture services to many clients across the United States for over twenty years. Our clients include Military Installations, Federal Governmental Agencies, Public School Districts, College Districts, and many types of commercial clients, from retail to multi family, and Office projects.

In the last 10 years, we have focused on the big box type of facility, specifically self storage, transit warehouses, and large retail buildings. We have provided designs for these facilities across the USA (we are registered in 26 states). We also have joined with the manufacturer of Hi-Tech Tilt Wall Systems to provide engineering and design for the application of their system to various Architectural and Engineering applications.

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